Monday, January 2, 2012

January 3, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Snip and Snap were very good to you this year!
You got a cool fort building kit.
You were pretty excited about it!

But that's not all...

You've been playing this on Meme's phone for a while and
Snip and Snap must have heard from Abby that you love it!
You got an angry bird stuffed animal!

Just look at that face!
You opened a big box full of little boxes
that were all wrapped up! Inside each box was a playset to go in
your Calico Critter house! You got a family of bunnies, two bedroom
sets, a kitchen and a living room! So exciting!
Ever the artist, you also opened up a doodle book that will
help you get creative and make cool designs!

Molly looks so pleased after you opened a gift that she picked
out especially for you! She got you a bottle cap peace sign
necklace! Just want you wanted!

Before Christmas you told me that because you are six now, you don't
really like to play with baby dolls. As we did our Christmas shopping
you noticed lots of big girl dolls that you just loved. Here is Zoe, a
doll who loves fashion and came with a change of clothes, a purse, cool
boots and a skull and crossbones headband. You were so excited
that she had a headband that your Aunt Kelley would just love!
Zoe hasn't left your side since Christmas - you sleep with her
every night, take her to the movies, brush her hair and
carry her everywhere! She is so special to you :)
Here is a picture of your favorite presents! Do you see a trend?
Peace sign bean bag chair
Peace sign pajamas
Peace sign slippers
Zoe doll
Fur Real friend Chipmunk

A few days after Christmas you had two of your friends sleep over.
You girls kept coming downstairs to show Daddy and I your
cool girl moves. Then you'd run back upstairs to create the
next cool move. It was just too cute. I love that you had to
look like a tough girl in each picture!

Then a quick game of Headbands with Molly and her friend.

It was so fun watching you and your friends party!

New Year's Eve!
What a bunch of party animals!

For Christmas, Daddy really wanted to get you an artist set
since you are so passionate about being an artist.
Unfortunately, he was unable to find just what he
was looking for.

Luckily, as we were out shopping on New Year's Eve, we came across
a great easel and paint set. You came right home and set to work!

We bought a great bag to hold all of your art supplies
and a pad of nice, thick paper. I am loving watching
you explore this interest!

Yesterday was our first snow! You begged to go out and play!

And you're off!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 17, 2011


Annual birthday picture with Daddy :)

We had a huge party with lots of friends from school plus a cousin or two...

We started out at home and then headed to Build A Bear Workshop. It took three cars, a mom, a Meme, and an Aunt Doodie to get everyone there. Each friend got to pick and stuff a bear, then find a beautiful outfit for their new friend. It was a blast!

Then the party continued at home where each girl stayed for a slumber party in Sarah's new room! Thank goodness for the bunkbeds Papa built! We successfully fit 2 girls on the top bunk, 4 girls on the bottom, and 2 girls in sleeping bags on the floor.

But before bed time, it was present time!
Thanks to Meme who captured each friend as Sarah opened the gifts!

Sarah got a ton of great stuff!

The next morning, Betty Crocker stopped by and made these...

Just kidding! It was me!
We got creative with our teddy bear pancakes!
My table has never been so full!
Thanks to all the girls who came and made Sarah's 6th birthday one to remember!

Our weekend continued as we met Vanessa, Brian, Ethan and Ainsley in Brunswick for a fun fall day. The kids had a blast going through a corn maze, jumping in a bounce house, and hanging out together. We can't wait to do it again soon!

Ainsley, Sarah, Ethan, Molly
Molly and Ainsley

What a fun filled weekend! I can't believe my Roser is 6! Happy Happy Day!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 4, 2011

Wahoo! You have been begging for an updated bedroom. Although you loved the rose wall to wall wallpaper, it was time for something that you helped create. We decided first on a bedspread for the NEW bunkbeds that Papa built for you. You insisted on having black because "that's what teenagers like!" We compromised on black, white, and pink. Unfortunately, I haven't yet taken just a bed picture.

Here is your happy face!

We ordered vinyl phrases to stick on the wall. Daddy and I love them! They are so easy to put up, and when you grow up and don't want them, they peel right off!

You also wanted me to paint a unicorn, dogs, and smiley faces on the walls. We decided to compromise yet again and put up chalkboard paint so that you could draw anything your heart desires. As a budding artist, I thought it would be fun to make them framed chalkboard sections so that you can draw within the frames. Daddy did a great job making and installing the frames. Sarah and Molly did all the painting themselves!

The white walls looked a little bland to me, so we painted just one wall hot pink.

Everything turned out beautifully! Even Bailey enjoys spending time in your new room!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23, 2011


Today was your very first day of first grade. I can't even believe it. Last night we went to Open House so we could drop off your supplies, see your classroom, and meet your teacher. This year you have Mrs. Woodrum (the one you wanted!). She was a kindergarten teacher last year so you were familiar with who she was, what she looked like, etc. Not to mention that you had friends in her class last year that said she was "soooo nice!"

We got to Room 115 and you found your desk quickly. DESK??!! This is already a huge change from the tables in kindergarten. Yikes! I don't know if I'm ready for this!

As a first grade teacher in the past, I view first graders in a special light. I know what it's like to see the kids walk in on their first day. They come in still unsure of school, unfamiliar with the building, the people, the policies. After the months of school, those babies leave as big time first graders - heading to second grade - ready to conquer the academic world. I am both excited and sad to see Sarah go through these experiences. I think I am still in utter disbelief that my little Roser is a first grader.

Don't misinterpret my fears. I am in no way worried about her social skills or academic performance. I know that Sarah is a very smart girl who yearns to discover new things, accomplish harder tasks, and be the best that she can be. I know that although she's never taken a spelling test before (SPELLING TESTS???!!), she will learn how to beat anxiety, how to develop good strong study skills, and how to improve from test to test. I know that she will be a friend to those who need one, a good listener, a happy go lucky girl.

I just feel that she is slipping away...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

Since moving to Wakeman, Sarah has been asking to plant a garden. Me being the black thumb I am, have been very apprehensive about starting this scary task. This summer, after much advice from our neighbors, friends, and nearby farmers, we decided to start a small garden. Sarah picked out carrots, beans, cucumbers, and peppers as our beginning crop. Daddy helped us prepare our garden space, and the girls both helped get the soil ready. Once our garden spot was ready, we worked into the night to measure, dig, plant, and water our new garden. Sarah is so proud, and can't wait to see how her veggies grow! If this little garden survives, we are hoping to expand next year to watermelon, pumpkin, lettuce and sweet corn. Yum!

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

WHOA! Yet another "OH MY GOSH - I HAVEN'T POSTED IN MONTHS!" post. I'll just attribute the long break to my wonderful mothering skills of playing with my children instead of on my computer!

Today is the first REAL day of summer vacation. Sarah's first REAL summer vacation. Although she is 5 and has spent summers off, this is the first school day when she doesn't have to go! As I'm writing this, she is still sleeping and hasn't even realized she isn't at school on a Monday! May I also add that this sleeping in is making me very aware of how time flies and sooner or later she'll be sleeping till noon as "those teenagers" do! Yikes!

Sarah finished out her Kindergarten year on a very high note! Although she is shy and was new to the area when she started school, she adjusted to her surroundings and is really opening up. She even had a friend sleep over on the last day of school!

Other highlights of her kindergarten year include having her first "crush" on a boy (that Matt Jarret is soooo cute), realizing that her favorite class is Gym, learned to ride a two wheeler, and READING! - and at a 1.8 level at that! Translation: she is reading at the level of an average reader in the eighth month of first grade! I couldn't be more proud!

And so our summer begins. I asked Sarah what she'd like to do this summer, and she gave me a list of things. Number one on her list is to visit "Methis Kiddie Park," actually it's "Memphis Kiddie Park," but I got the idea. We'll definitely check it out. Other things on our list include a first time trip to Kalahari, T-Ball, piano, going for bike rides, letterboxing, camping in Indiana with none other than Matt Jarret!, tea parties with her new tea set, swimming and more swimming at Meme's pool!

I'm sure it'll be a great summer!

Last day of school - pictures with the bus stop buddies!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2010

It seems we've started a pen pal project. After receiving the card from Mister, you have written a few cards and addressed envelopes to send away to Hawaii. You are thrilled that he is having fun and working hard. Here is the card you wrote tonight to mail to Mister.

"I love you Mister! Just think about the times we've shared and I just want to let you know that I love you!"

I promise you, I have never seen anyone with a bigger heart! You are just too sweet!